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InterHealth Worldwide Ceases Trading: Q&A

28 July 2017

It is with sadness and regret that we announce InterHealth Worldwide [based from our London office] will cease trading on Wednesday 2nd August at 5pm. InterHealth East Africa [based from our Nairobi office] is planning to remain open as we consider other options. Please read our Questions & Answers for further information.

The Board of Trustees resolved on 28 July 2017 to convene a meeting of Members on 9 August 2017 to place InterHealth Worldwide into liquidation, as they deemed it was in the interests of creditors. 

If you are a creditor of Interhealth Worldwide, the liquidators will be writing to you directly.  If you have not received a copy of the report to creditors, please email Jacob McCloskey of Price Bailey LLP at, please note that this report will only be made available to creditors of the Charity.


1. We have paid an annual subscription for our services will I receive a refund?

The liquidator will contact all creditors explaining how a claim can be made. 

2. We receive “Out of Hours” medical support for our staff in the field. What support will they receive and when will the Out of Hours service discontinue?

We will cease trading on Wednesday 2nd August from that point we will not be able to provide further services to our clients.

3. We have an outstanding credit note with InterHealth how do we claim our money back?

As a creditor your details will be passed on to the liquidator who will contact you to provide details of how creditors’ claims will be administered.

About InterHealth

1.  How did InterHealth get into this position?

We have had some disappointing trading months during the first half of 2017 and then in June learnt from our landlord that our rent was to increase fourfold and there is no break clause for another two years (we had budgeted for it to double). This and other trading considerations meant that our Board of Trustees decided that they had no option but to put us into voluntary liquidation.

2.  What will happen to your staff?

As a result of the liquidation all staff in London are facing redundancy.

3.  Is your Kenya office closing as well?

Our Kenya office is a separate legal entity and we are working on a way to continue to support our clients via InterHealth East Africa Limited. Please email for further information.

4.  We rely on InterHealth for a range of services and you are giving us hardly any notice. Why couldn’t you let us know earlier?

The Board of Trustees instructed the Leadership Team to try to find a buyer for all or part of the organisation.  During this process we were strongly advised to keep the situation confidential so that the value of the organisation would be retained.  Unfortunately, we were therefore unable to tell our clients about our situation.


1. InterHealth holds details of our employee medical records. What will happen to these? How can I be assured that they will remain confidential?

The medical records will be handed over to the liquidator and remain confidential. Data protection legislation binds the liquidator. 

2. We have appointments booked in for the next few days will these still be honoured?

We have stopped taking appointments and all booked appointments from Tuesday 1st August 2017 will be cancelled.

3. We have travel medical clearances that are in your system what can we do to ensure that our people’s travel plans will not be disrupted?

We are aiming to clear as many outstanding clearances as possible, we do anticipate however that at the point when we cease trading some of the clearances will not be complete.

4. We have employees who are part way through their counselling sessions what support do you suggest we provide for them?

We would advise clients to look at the BACP’s Find A Therapist website :- or The Counselling Directory :- to find details of therapists who they may be able to see privately in their area.  Some practitioners within our team have their own private practices where they may be willing to see clients they have previously seen through InterHealth.

If you are concerned about your mental health please consult your GP or contact your local IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) service in the first instance.

5. We have employees part way through a series of vaccinations what should they do?

Please see question 9 for a list of other travel clinic companies and book with them to complete any series of vaccinations.

6.  What happens to STS cases which are still pending?

We will aim to clear as many as possible before we cease trading on Wednesday 2nd August 2017.

7. What happens to Ill Health Retirement cases which are pending?

Dr Simon Clift has acted as Pension Medical Advisor under the auspices of InterHealth over the last 5 years and has indicated that he might be willing to continue in this role acting as an independent Occupational Health Physician. He can be contacted on

8. Our employees currently rely on the InterHealth out of hours medical helpline what will happen to this service once InterHealth Worldwide ceases trading?

The Out of Hours helpline will not be available when InterHealth Worldwide ceases trading.

9. Which providers would you recommend as being able to take on our work?

Below are a list of providers that you may wish to consult for services:


Occupational Health


Psychological Health

8. We are a client of InterHealth Worldwide. Will InterHealth East Africa be able to continue to provide some of the services we require?

Our Kenya office is a separate legal entity and we are working on a way to continue to support our clients via InterHealth East Africa Limited. Please email for further information.

9. Once InterHealth Worldwide has ceased trading who should I contact if I require information relating to any issue relating to InterHealth?

We are expecting that shortly after we have ceased trading the organisation will be placed into liquidation. Details of how to contact the liquidator will be available on our website in due course. 

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