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Training partners

We are extremely proud to collaborate with the following organisations on delivery of training: 

British Red Cross

We are pleased to collaborate with the British Red Cross to provide quality first aid & travel health education to those working internationally.

As a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation, the BRC helps people in crises, whoever and wherever they are. They enable vulnerable people at home and internationally to prepare for, and respond to, emergencies in their own communities. When the crisis is over, they help people recover and move on with their lives.

International Location Safety (ILS)  

ILS & InterHealth believe that safety & security and physical & psychological wellbeing are intrinsically linked. Therefore we are delighted to be collaborating on joint training courses. 

ILS is committed to the safety and security of professionals working overseas though the delivery of advice, support and training. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the international development and humanitarian relief sector, which enables us to develop and deliver appropriate and context specific approaches to security management and training. We believe that a key part of managing security is understanding the human factors behind commonly encountered risks and reactions.