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NEW TRAINING: Sexual Violence Awareness

01 June 2017

Training Header

International Location Safety (ILS) and InterHealth Worldwide are pleased to announce a new collaborative workshop on Sexual Violence Awareness.  The focus of the training is to enable participants to better protect themselves against the threat of sexual violence and be able to respond more effectively in the event of an incident occurring.

When Director and Founder of ILS, George Shaw, was approached by one of the London Universities to design a workshop on how to survive sexual violence, it was another example of how organisations are taking the issues of security and wellbeing seriously. He and Fiona Dunkley, a trauma specialist psychotherapist who leads the Responding in a Crisis (RIC) service at InterHealth Worldwide, then designed a training that would best inform and equip individuals on ways to minimise their risk to sexual violence, wherever they may be in the world.

Data collected over the last two years from InterHealth’s RIC service highlights that InterHealth’s response to incidents of sexually violent crimes has doubled from 2014/15 to 2015/16. This may be due to a greater number of critical incidents or an increase in reporting, but nonetheless, the data demonstrates that more needs to be done in the sector to support individuals in understanding the risk and reducing it as much as possible. 

This is where the new Sexual Violence Awareness training comes in. The workshop launched earlier this month and commissioned by one of London’s Universities, was attended by both staff and students. The goal of the training was to enable travellers to protect themselves against the threat of sexual violence whilst overseas. The sessions focused on the individual rather than the organisation, and supported participants to reduce their vulnerability to sexual violence in its many forms, including sexual harassment. What might have been a difficult day talking about a challenging subject was very engaging and empowering for all who attended. 


Course Content

The objectives of the training are to:

  • Develop delegates’ understanding of the behaviour patterns of sexual predators (both strangers and those we know well) so that they can better spot danger from afar.
  • Develop awareness of various response options that remain open to the victim under attack, and the potential consequences of those options.
  • Identify how best to support a survivor of sexual violence. This involves understanding the forensic and legal processes, the various barriers to justice, the realities of reporting or not reporting an attack, and coming to terms with life after sexual violence. 


Training Method

The workshop is a classroom based, participatory learning event, involving interactive discussion and exercises with case studies and victim statement to enhance learning.


Support from Report the Abuse

The workshop has the support of Report the Abuse, an organisation that aims to break the silence of sexually violent crimes against and within the humanitarian and development community. Report the Abuse has a web-based survey that reflects 69% of those who completed the questionnaire are survivors of a sexual violent crime and 86% knew of someone who had been directly impacted (

Megan Nobert, a survivor of sexual violence and founder of Report the Abuse, has worked with us to ensure the content is appropriate and current. We are truly grateful for her collaboration.

The InterHealth and International Location Safety (ILS) Partneship

ILS and InterHealth work together in a global strategic partnership. At the heart of our relationship lies a desire to develop great trainings that bring together our expertise in health, safety, psychology and security. A course for men and women concerned about Sexual Violence was an obvious choice for us and one that we can see, from working with our clients, is desperately needed. 


Given the success of the course, we will be rolling it out as an open training. The next session will run on Wednesday 21st June 2017 at the InterHealth Worldwide offices in London. You can book onto the course here.

More Information

We are also taking bookings to run in-house trainings for organisations that require it. Please contact directly if you wish to setup an in-house training program for your staff or if you would like more information generally.

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