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Virtually At Your Side: InterHealth Launches Online Counselling

22 June 2016

InterHealth’s psychological health team now offer video, Instant Messaging (IM), email and Skype counselling. 

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Our vision is to keep staff healthy and resilient. From today, anybody with a smartphone, no matter how remote or high-risk their working environment, can sign up for ongoing wellbeing support. 

About Online Counselling

Online counselling can help with a range of issues including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and personal and professional relationship problems. A recent survey looking at aid worker health and wellbeing by the Global Development Professional Network (GDPN) reported that 79% of respondents had experienced significant challenges to their mental health. Our hope is that Online Counselling will encourage early intervention and issues are dealt with before they escalate into more debilitating problems or  crises. Individual and team continuity will be boosted and functionality and effectiveness maintained.

What our clinicians have to say: 

“International workers make their way to our clinics in London and Nairobi from every corner of the globe and we are always delighted to welcome them. Now, specialist training in remote counselling is transforming our sense of being able to reach individuals wherever they are and at their point of need.” Lynn Keane. 

What our clients have to say: 

“I have been in the sector for twelve years without ever talking to somebody like you. Six sessions on, I wonder how I ever functioned without the insight I’ve gained. The answer is I did, but not well. I now see myself completely differently in terms of interacting with my team and in my self-care regimes. Thank you.” Country Director, NGO. 

Online counselling is not suitable for people who are struggling to cope with more severe mental illness, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, addiction or overwhelming trauma. Please continue to access our Responding in a Crisis and trauma response services in such cases.

Our new services are secure, ethical and in line with international legal considerations.

Accessing Online Counselling

For individuals:

If you would like to access online counselling please email our team on or call +44 (0) 20 7902 9000. The first step is an initial assessment. The clinician will discuss recommended next steps.

For organisations: 

We are ready to support your staff now. If you would like InterHealth to provide remote support to your staff,  let us know and we will update your organisational records. We will set parameters such as the maximum number of sessions you will support in a single intervention. We can support you in communicating information about the launch of remote counselling through template emails to circulate to all staff or information for intranets. 

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