Help Us: East Africa Appeal

Help us to build a health centre in East Africa to prepare, sustain and support the health and wellbeing of international and national staff working on relief, development and mission projects around the world.

Many of the organisations we support continue to recruit more of their staff from the East Africa region, and there is a clear need to support national East African staff in similar ways to the support we give to international staff.

Our team regularly go to Kenya and meet with various organisations to talk about staff care challenges and through feedback from a comprehensive survey, we have concluded that there is a need to provide a reliable and high quality integrated health and wellbeing service, to support staff working in the region.

In 2012 our Chief Executive, Kevin Belcher met with the Ministry of Health in Kenya who confirmed the absence of proactive and preventative service, which is unique to the integrated service we offer.

Our response

The InterHealth service will prepare, sustain and support the staff of International and East African NGOS’s, from both a physical and psychological viewpoint. It is our expectation that this support will improve the effectiveness of relief, development and mission agencies because their international and national members are physically and psychologically more resilient.

Funding Requirements

To implement this health and wellbeing support service in East we need funding to support the following:

  1. Setting up an International Health & Wellbeing centre in Kenya to serve staff and volunteers working within East Africa and being sent from East Africa to other locations around the world.
  2. Capacity Building with Amani Counselling Centre & Training Institute, whom we partner with, to develop skills in delivering psychological health services to international and national staff.
  3. Building the capacity of NGO’s through training, consultancy and robust health policies including the production of localised health information.
  4. Research and development for an appropriate, economically viable service for East African staff travelling within and beyond the region.
  5. Funding for a health economist to analyse and review the effectiveness of the service provided. 

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Kevin Belcher (CEO)
T: 020 7902 9000 

Leanne Kennedy (Client & Partnerships Manager)
T: 020 7902 9006 


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