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Family Health & Wellbeing Support

Nurturing the health and wellbeing of you and your family

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InterHealth has been supporting travelling families, both young and old, for over two decades. Our Kenya centre creates a safe space to discuss the health and wellbeing needs of you and your family.


Caring for expectant mothers, infants and children through a variety of appointments. Childhood immunisations are also available at the Kenya centre.  


A family medicine doctor to talk through any health concerns you may have by booking a short consultation.    

Psychological Health-led

Few careers can impact family and married life as profoundly as international assignments, may it be missionary work, humanitarian aid or a corporate expatriation.  

We offer a Family Care Consultation, to provide an opportunity to talk about struggling with the practicalities of daily life adjustments, with the up-bringing of children in a different culture or the impact the move has made on family or married life in general.

If you have any questions about our psychological health service please call our client services team on +254 (0) 20 386 1023.